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Private lease for expats

Private leasing a car when you arrive in the Netherlands can be a great way of providing mobility for yourself. The convenient part about private lease is that you pay a fixed amount for the car. The costs are all inclusive, with the exemption of fuel!

We provide you with a brand new car and include the following;

  • Roadside assistance;
  • Road tax;
  • Liability insurance;
  • All-risk insurance (With 500 euros deductible for non-recoverable damage);
  • Replacement of tyres
  • Repairs and maintenance;
  • Replacement vehicle in case of damage and maintenance after 24 hours.

Please keep in mind that the rest of our website is in Dutch. If you have any questions or difficulties understanding certain parts of the website, please contact us!


With private leasing, you can have a new car in exchange for a fixed monthly amount. You do not have to put in your own money for this, so you do not have to break into your hard-earned savings either. 

You choose your dream car, put it together according to your wishes and within a short time you can pick it up. Despite this flexibility, in some cases private lease is cheaper than buying a new car. You only have to pay the fixed monthly amount, the fuel costs and any penalties. That is private lease at XLEasy, the new form of mobility.

Driving a lease car for private use is becoming increasingly attractive. This is not surprising, because for a relatively low, fixed amount per month you can drive around in your new car without a care in the Netherlands, but also in almost all other European countries. In addition, maintenance or repairs will be at the expense of XLEasy. That saves you a lot of worry. And thanks to the economies of scale of XLEasy, private lease is often even cheaper! How cheap? That depends on many factors.


The duration of the lease contract has a significant effect on the fixed monthly rate. Each year that you drive longer with your lease car means lower depreciation and therefore a lower fixed monthly amount.


The number of kilometres per year that you expect to drive also has an effect on the monthly amount, because if you drive more kilometres per year, the wear and tear will increase and so will the number of service intervals. Read more about how XLEasy deals with damage and breakdowns here.

Choice of car

Of course, the car of your choice will influence the monthly amount. It goes without saying that a compact, small car will result in a lower monthly amount than a large, spacious car.

When it comes to entering into a private lease contract, we at XLEasy take a good look at your financial situation. After all, you should be able to pay a fixed monthly amount for the full term. The BKR check is important to us in this respect.

BKR registration

We don't only check your BKR before you can get a private leasecontract. You also get a BKR registration when you conclude a private lease contract. This is because with private leasecontract you have a payment obligation over a longer term. The BKR registration is your lease term times the term of your contract in months. 

To be eligible for a private lease car as an expatriate, you are required to have:

  • Sufficient (steady) income;
  • A Dutch driving licence;
  • A residence permit (for undetermined time or the duration of the lease contract);
  • If you don't have a residence permit for undetermined time or the duration of the leasecontract you need:
    • An employment contract for an indefinite period;
    • A partner from the EU or with a residence permit for undetermined time;
    • To own a house in the Netherlands and live here for at least three years

If you have any questions about the way we do our financial reviews, please do not hesitate to contact us!